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Networked Care: Is Digital Health able to close the gaps?



Digitalisation has changed lives in plenty of areas. However, the option to utilise digitalisation to improve our health system is rarely used. At the same time, start-ups are booming and as a patient, you have a great offer of health apps, wearables, communities and telemedical propositions to benefit from.

Are those innovative products able to change health care comprehensively? How can statutory health insurance and the secondary health market work together? What does that mean for patients? Will digital health be able to make a difference to outcomes?

These questions will be answered at the symposium “Vernetzte Versorgung: Welche Lücken kann Digital Health wirklich schließen?” of the German Association of Managed Care (BMC) on 9th of June 2015 in Berlin. Please note this is a German language event.Banner_Vernetzte VersorgungOur expert guests include: Prof. Dr. Andréa Belliger, Professor of eHealth at the Hoschule Luzern, Dr. Maya Leventer-Roberts, Director of Translational Policy, Clalit Health Services Israel, Thomas Ballast, Co-Chairman of Techniker Krankenkasse, and Nino Mangiapane, federal Ministry of Health, to name only a few.

The event is supported by LIFEPATCH, zur Rose and startupbootcamp.

Health 2.0 Berlin is official partner of this event and the BMC has a limited number of reduced price tickets available for Health 2.0 Berlin members. Watch out our Newsletter or drop us a line for the code.

For the full program and to sign up please click here.

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