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Focus Online Marketing: How to plan, increase, measure traction + sales in digital health companies


Whether you are planning to build a digital health startup or already running one: winning and keeping new customers to increase sales and traction are one of the most important aspects to successfully run Your company. If you like to go global:  happy customers and funky revenue also enables the next funding round in Venture Capital.

  •     What relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) do you set up and why?
  •     How can you define and lower your Customer acquisition costs?
  •     Talking B2C or B2B, ARPU, CHURN, CLV, CAC?
  •     What software is useful for measurement?
  •     Which lean solutions are recommendable?
  •     Which KPI’s are really interesting for investors? Hands on examples.

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18.30 Networking
19.00 Lectures & Info
20.00 Networking

Lectures by
dr-frank-antwerpesDr. Frank Antwerpes,
Chairman and CEO of DocCheck AG, Business Angel of Guano AG investing in Digital Health
With more than 975,000 users and 2,500 cooperating web sites, DocCheck is the largest platform in this market for exchanging information, online services and eCommerce. Having built Doccheck years before digital health evolved, Dr. Frank Antwerpes shares hands-on experience and advice what drives traffic especially for the medical community.

michael-jarmolkowiczMichal Jarmolkowicz,
COO Harimata
Mike is an IT specialist creating Harimata, a scalable mHealth solution for early diagnosis of disorders in kids, that facilitate early intervention. Mike has a strong background in safe and secure systems and is also active in helping local communities.


Info: The new Microsoft Digital Health Accelerator in Tel Aviv, Israel

HananLavyHanan Levy,
Managing Director of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel-Aviv since its inception in April, 2012.
Hanan holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Administration (with distinction) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Before joining Microsoft Hanan founded and was the CEO of United Parents, a company that developed a revolutionary child protection service on the web. Prior to that, Hanan was part of the founding team of Proficiency, a startup which aims to solve collaboration issues between CAD systems. At Proficiency, Hanan held several Research & Development as well as Product Manager positions.

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DocCheck at a glance
DocCheck-LogoDocCheck AG is a publicly-held company that specializes in healthcare growth market. Marketing, customer relationship management and eCommerce are their specialties.
Since 1996 the DocCheck portal brings the European healthcare market players together on the internet.

As a creative service provider, antwerpes ag develops and implements communication strategies for new and traditional media with an emphasis on healthcare and business-to-business. Ranking 11th in new media service ranking in 2007, it is firmly positioned among Germany’s leading agencies.

DocCheck Guano AG finances Health IT Startups in early stage and seed, empowers them with capital, market knowhow, market and network access.

Harimata at a glance
harimata-digital-health-logoHarimata is a Digital Health Startup that has won the Digital Health Award March 2014 made possible by the German Venture Capital Firm XLHEALTH.
Harimata helps parents monitor their children development. It combines behavioral psychology and big data where with the use of mobile devices they monitor children behavior to detect and track health threats as early as possible. Their product will launch this summer. Mike will share his knowledge how they are going to market it.


We thank our sponsor Microsoft Ventures for the location and catering (fingerfood, softdrinks and beer)
Microsoft Ventures is a strategic partner for promising startups around the world focused on business growth & development, industrial strength technology and beautiful usable products. Build locally, scale globally. We help smart companies take flight.

Microsoft Ventures, Unter den Linden 17, 5th floor at Auditorium (max. 80 people

CU soon and kind regards

Juliane, Ulrike, Tobias

P.S.. We care for the interests of our likely male guests: No FIFA Worldcup soccer game scheduled on Monday 7th. Yay!

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