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cover the hundert Volume 3The Hundert is the leading magazine on Berlin´s startup scene.  In Number 3, October 2014, they interviewed 100  entrepreneurs and “doers” from nearly 50 different countries and asked  them about tips for the Berlin startup ecosystem.

One of this entrepreneurs is Pawel Cebula, Co-Founder and COO of the Berlin-based startup medigo GmbH. He picked the Health 2.0 Berlin chapter as one of hit tips. Here is his motivation for choosing us:

Health 2.0 Berlin organise meetups for people interested in healthcare startups in Berlin, providing the chance for like-minded people to exchange ideas and experiences. with the amount of interest there is around health startups right now, these meetups are invaluable.

Pawel, thank you very much for your appreciation!

The hundert pawel cebula medigo health 20 berlin

Click on the picture to read the full interview with Pawel.

Pawel was not the only interviewed healthcare-related entrepreneur in this The Hundert issue.
Download the pdf to get the insights from Ekaterina Karabesheva (Jourvie – Eating disorders therapy), Oleg Ishenko ( – Onlineshop for medical devices) and Jakob Futorjanski (NeuroNation – Brain jogging & training) as well.

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